Wednesday, May 11, 2011

USA remembers 9/11

I thought it significant that one of the most influential exports in the USA decided to remember 9/11 by via metaphor. It could be viewed that this is typically American ...

The video shows that even animals bow down to show their respects for the 9/11 attacks, implying that it is only natural to do so, and that even nature was affected by such an occurrence that they did this out of their own accord. it also showed the beer brand's loyalty and patriotism to America. The well-known Statue of Liberty is purposefully placed in the background towards the end of the commercial displaying whom/what the horses are bowing down to. It gives the commercial an almost holy,reverent feel - almost comparing America to 'the promised land', with Christian values ingrained in even the earliest of America's sentiment being emphasized. Here America is good - like a wounded, innocent soldier, (the white snow highlighting the country's supposed purity).

Here again, when remembering the places of the Twin Towers before the incident, the lights are shined in such a way that they are originating from heaven, a higher, awesome origin. America is almost likened to it. Typically quite Hollywood, with choir singers in the background being a backdrop to the ambience the video intends to set of America: a globally revered country.
Whilst searching I found many live videos of the 9/11 occurrence. Whilst there are numerous conspiracy theories in existence, it seems that many of the tributes were tidied up to portray the USA in a certain light: The wounded, cardinal realm that "the whole world stood still" for.

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