Monday, May 16, 2011

The US & Taiwan.

For this post regarding the U.S’s relationship with China, I’m going to focus on the Republic of China (Taiwan) rather than the People’s Republic of China (PRC). I am fiercely passionate for Taiwan to become a member in the United Nations, as are the States. The only barrier being China’s power to veto every application and plan that Taiwan has made to become part of the world power group since 1990.

Regarding the United Nations, Taiwan is one of the 3 countries not included. The other two being the Vatican City (yet they do not want to be a part of it) and Kosovo, who recently began independent are working towards being a member. The issue with Taiwan comes from PRC, who do not want to let the island become independent. Many people have concluded reasons as to why China is so adamant to not allow Taiwan into a organization that boasts itself into sorting out the world’s issues which will only move forward if ever country is actually involved. Most of the reasons are to do with power. PRC has this reputation of not necessarily following mainstream ideas, and some of their beliefs are outdated, and so they believe that allowing Taiwan to become independent, they will lose some part of their power to rule. Which of course, is totally incorrect and I actually believe that more countries will respect PRC a lot more than they do right now if they allowed Taiwan to become independent.

The webpage that I’m using and referencing towards is from IBOPE Zogby International. It’s a global public opinion polling and market research firm that offers accurate results for various issues and situations. For the one I’m using, they conducted a poll with American adults and their opinions on what America should do regarding America’s involvement in the Taiwan/UN situation.

Carried out in 2007, the survey found a variety of statistics…

« 61% believed that the US government should support Taiwan’s petition to gain UN membership.

« 55% believed that the UN should offer Taiwan membership.

« 70% believed that the US should not oppose Taiwan’s petition to join the UN

« 52% believed the US should oppose China’s decision to veto every petition made by the island.

« 72% believed that when it comes to the UN membership, all countries should be treated equally and without discrimination.

« 81% believed that the US should respect every country’s right to become a member in the UN.

The American representatives in the UN seem to be echoing what the public would like; support for Taiwan to become an independent state and a member of the United Nations.

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