Monday, May 23, 2011


I’m slightly biased with this, and so am picking UNICEF-USA. It’s what drew me to America in the first place, their ridiculousness ability to believe that anything is possible and will come true if they just work hard. The whole United Nations organisation was created by a few Americans who just wanted peace in the world. So the UN was formed. And so were so many other organisations because of it. The World Health Organisation is part of the UN, and so is UNICEF. It’s the biggest children’s charity in the world and is helping children and communities in literally every country. With UNICEF, each country has their own mini-section, allowing them to create campaigns specifically for their country, and to fight for the issues that their public believes in the most.

This defines America for me today. It shows what my dream for the world is, this massive community of people just wanting to help the lives of children, allowing them to grow into what they decide. And I think that America’s part of UNICEF works and achieves the most purely because of their thought process. These people are brought up to believe that they can change the world, become president or become an Olympian so when they decide that UNICEF is the route for their lives, they believe that they can do absolutely everything; demolish world poverty, malnutrition, wars, child slavery, the list is long! But American’s don’t have any doubt in their systems that say it cannot be achieved.

UNICEF-USA work towards 7 main outcomes;

1. Education

2. Emergency Relief

3. Health & Immunization


5. Nutrition

6. Protection

7. Water & Sanitation

Working in over 150 countries, they provide a ridiculous amount of help and support to save communities that are just dissolving quicker and quicker into poverty. UNICEF-USA’s main campaign is to reduce the number of child deaths around the world to 0 (at the moment being 22,000 per day). And although every UNICEF around the world has this mission on their mind, “Achieving Zero” is specific for the USA.

This is one of the videos created by UNICEF-USA and it really just shows how optimistic they are and inspirational. Americans are born with the thought that they can change the world and they can do anything they want to in their lives. And they want to pass this on to everyone. And this is why I love America, and why UNICEF defines America for me.

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