Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Protect your borders



This website primarily focuses on the attitude that while the war on terror rages on in Afghanistan there is a more sinister threat closer to home. This website is all about how to defend Texan citizens from immigrants and drug cartels that may, in the an effort to scramble over the border, get violent. It includes a range of testimonies from various Texans, all of whom have had more grizzly dealings with fleeing immigrants. While the website only makes vague references to guns and encouraging people to use their 2nd amendment rights to protect themselves, there is no explicit call to arms. As the founder, Commissioner Todd Staples says:

'America’s war on terrorism has sent thousands of troops overseas, but the reality is, there is a growing threat here at home. At an increasingly alarming rate, violent Mexican drug cartels are invading Texas farms and ranches, threatening the lives of our fellow citizens and jeopardizing our nation’s food supply.



The second website I have found is a far more liberal and balanced site. It is designed to show the two sides to almost every contemporary issue, whether it be international or internal, in modern America. It uses a range of sources, and quotes them directly enabling the user to access their source. One of the links I found most interesting however, was the argument for the use of the term 'illegal alien'. According to the
The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, they find the term to not only be offensive but also not useful, as the status of so called 'illegal aliens' can change in a very short amount of time. Another group refers to it as being 'inaccurate... and dehumanizing' as well as a term that allows the right wing to make the situation of many immigrants to be a seedy, secretive and inhuman journey.

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